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Right now, while you’re sitting at home scrolling down your Tumblr dashboard, there is someone bringing a child into the world, someone has just fallen in love, someone is sleeping, someone just recieved a life changing sum of money, someone’s getting married, someone is learning to read, a child just said their first word, someone is staring into space and someone is having the best day of their life. But, right now…someone has also just been told they have weeks to live, someone has just commited suicide, someone is begging on the streets just to be able to eat, someone has just lost the most important person in their life, someone is being held prisoner, someone is sitting in a factory working for 16 hours a day earning close to nothing. You’re sitting on a chair, you have electricity, heat, food, clean running water and you have enough free time to read this. So before you start complaining about your own life, think of the others than wouldn’t know how.

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